When you arrive in Nosy Be, take off the watch and put it in the drawer. Let yourself be lulled by the slow passage of time, punctuated by the hands of the sun's rays, which will illuminate in the discovery of the island, customs and traditions of the local culture.

Below you will find three distinct sections to organize your vacation in our island.


-tour Tsanga Tsanga: proposals to know the island of Nosy Be

-tour Ranomasina: sea excursions

-tour Manampy: activities in solidarity to approach on tiptoe to the world of volunteering


Before moving to the virtual navigation, we insert this beautiful poem by Rubén Blades that embodies our travel spirit, with the hope that it can be the same for you ... put it in your suitcase!

You can travel millions of kilometers in a lifetime,

without ever scratch the surface of the places

nor learn anything from people barely touched


The sense of the journey is to stop and listen,

anyone with a story to tell.


Walking is learned life,

walking they know things

walking they heal the wounds of the day before.


Walking upon a star

listening to a voice

following in the footsteps of other steps ...


Walking seeking life

healing the wounds left by the pain.


Nothing can erase the memory of the road traveled ...