"Ranomasina" is a term that means in Malagasy "sea". Here we present briefly all excursions into the sea to spend unforgettable days visiting the neighboring island of Nosy Be. While navigating in the sea to reach the chosen destination, be sure to look at the many fishermen that during the day they spend hours and hours in the sun to fish.


Nosy Komba and Nosy Tanikely

Visit from 8 to 17. Means of transport: taxy and motor boat


Nosy Komba is a small island of volcanic origin, located between Nosy Be and Grand Terre. It is located near Nosy Tanikely and usually visit both islands in one day. Nosy Komba is also called "Nosy Ambariovato" which in Malagasy means "island" rocks.

After 30 minutes the boat arrives in the village of Ampangorina, where there is a local market and a natural park, where you will find lush vegetation, home to the famous macaque lemurs, the boa constrictor and the giant tortoises. Besides walking the island you can linger in the typical local gift shops. The island is famous for its craftsmen, wood sculptors and builders of canoes and for Richielier workmanship, curtains and hand-embroidered tablecloths from local women. True masterpieces.


Nosy Tanikely is a few km from Nosy Komba and is a "Submarine National Park", officially protected. E 'completely uninhabited and is an ideal destination for a swim in the crystal clear waters to snorkel among fishes of all colors and sea turtles.

Nosy Iranja: The Turtle Island

Visit from 8 to 17. Transport: taxy and motor boat


Nosy Iranja or "turtle island" is about an hour by boat from Nosy be and is little jewel in the middle of the crystal clear sea.

And 'formed by two small islands, one is called Nosy Iranja be (big), about 200 hectares, and one Nosy Iranja kely (small), joined by about a 2 km long white sand, that when there is low tide It emerges and is walkable. In Nosy Iranja be there is a lighthouse, which was design by the French engineer Gustave Eiffel, which was built in 1909. On the beaches of the island found the turtles during the breeding season. On the island you can spend hours relaxing between coconut palms and a beautiful sea.


Nosy Sakatia the island of orchids

Visit from 8 to 17. Transport: Local taxy and motor local boat


The island of Sakatia is a small island of 3 square kilometers, which is located off the west coast of Nosy Be and is also called "island of orchids" and "island I love cats."

In about twenty minutes the boat reaches Antambe, a small village on the beach populated by about 300 people, who live by fishing and crafts.

On the island you can relax between beach and sea and for those who love snorkeling you can swim with the beautiful and huge sea turtles (Chelonia Midas), who inhabit the waters near the island.

We would highly recommend this hike especially for the encounter with these tame turtles, which excite you very much.

Finally, you can have lunch in the local restaurant on the island near the sea managed by the enterprising women of the island, which also sell souvenirs and good food will cheer your day and will make her unforgettable.


Nosy Mitsio

Visit: 2 or 3 days trip. Transport: taxy and special boat


A 55 km north-east of Nosy be there sone the beautiful Mitsio islands. It 'a very nice place for diving and discover the seabed of rare beauty.

The journey to Nosy Mitsio lasts from four to six hours and is organized by diving agencies and centers on the island. Economically is the most challenging hike for both the distance and for the costs of living and the sea voyage


Fishing and other excursions in Nosy Be

The best months for those who enjoy fishing at Nosy be from March to June and October to December. For those who love fishing boat sailing the best time is from June to October.

For those interested in this activity will have on the island specialized agencies, that organize fishing excursions.  

You can also organize trips to sea to go see the whales or dolphins. There are, finally, other islands to discover, for example: Nosy Fanihy (Island of the Bats), Nosy Faly (Happy Island), Radama. Our equipé will be ready to help in the organization, giving you all the information about it.