Fair Trade Tourism

In the island of Nosy Be there are hotels and beautiful houses and comfortable, suitable for any type of need. Our structure to offer hospitality in a 'view to responsible and fair trade tourism.

The draft Villa Mangigny was born with the idea to offer the possibility to improve local living conditions by increasing the work and guests the opportunity to stay in a place that favors the 'direct encounter with customs and traditions of the local culture in a spirit of dialogue and solidarity.


Our ideal host is a person with a good spirit of adaptation and collaboration, with the mind and open your heart to understanding, respecting different customs and traditions from her, ready to adapt to the environment and the local rhythms of life without too many worries if he left the hair dryer at home or if you accidentally miss electricity and can not watch TV and charge your cell phone.


How we use the money of your holiday in Villa Mangigny

We stress that what is gained thanks to your living room is used to pay the local staff work, to cover the costs of maintenance of the facility and to finance development cooperation projects and solidarity of association Manampy Zaza Madiniky.


We do not like to use the term "fair trade", because it is so fashionable now, or to make us beautiful and important, we use it sensibly because everything that is said is not only connected to concrete facts, but also stems from our experience in humanitarian volunteer.

By clicking on the green button, you will be directed to the association's projects page, where you can read the activities in solidarity to which you give a contribution with your stay.


Our structure also does not gain or retain anything from the cost of your excursions in Nosy Be. The gain of the excursions is managed and fully allocated to the manager, who will accompany you in your outputs in Nosy Be.


We note this so that you can be assured and aware that with your stay really will use part of your money in favor of the increase of the local work by improving their living conditions. You can experience a 'humanly enriching experience and at the same time give concrete help to the local people, making sure that tourism will become something useful to this country in the southern hemisphere.


If you are interested in staying at Villa Mangigny, we are pleased if you contact us. We will send the quote.


The costs of the excursions

The excursion costs vary according to the chosen route and the means of transport used. It specifies that you will speak directly with our manager hiking its holding, which will be paid directly with this mode: Delivery of a share in advance the day before the hike and balance at the end of the tour.

It should also be noted that it is advisable to make use of local staff we selected and considered reliable and local transportation.

To give you an idea of prices:


Tour "Tsanga Tsanga" and "Manampy" in Nosy Be

Rent a scooter or bicycle: about 20 € per day

Special taxy rent: from € 30 to € 40 for the day trip from 8 to 17

Local taxy: about 1€ each way

Tuk-tuk: about 0,50€ each way into town


The Tour "Ranomasina"

 The costs of these trips range from 35€ to 60€