The musical group Ylag Ylang: overwhelmed by the sounds of salegy


The musical group Ylang Ylang is formed by 8 Malagasy and 2 dancers. Often the complex performs at Villa Mangigny in cabaret. Head of the complex is Eloi, our manager of excursions with a thousand skills, and other members of the group live in Ambondrona.


To prepare for the cabaret evenings, meet weekly to try different songs. Often, walking in the village at sunset, you feel them as they practice for their performances.

They do not improvise anything. Art and technology together to overwhelm our guests in the salegy whirling rhythms, a popular musical genre in the north of Madagascar, born as one of sub-Saharan African folk music style with Indonesian elements.


The complex uses of musical instruments typical Malagasy, such as:

- The Kabosy or Fabosy or mandoliny, a small stringed instrument mandolin type.

-The marovany, a kind of zither-like a box, with two sets of strings on opposite sides

-The vahila, one stringed instrument made with a large diameter bamboo pole and 21 strings

- guitars

-Djembé And drums percussion

The salegy is the symbol of the festival in Nosy Be, is danced with an overwhelming pace that will give you a big boost of energy just by listening or danzandolo. A bomb.



Under the cheerful rhythms of guitars and percussion, there are melancholic themes of the true soul of traditional Malagasy music.


If you ask the titles or words of the songs performed, you will discover that speak to themes of love, friendship and God. Unforgettable will be a cabaret evening with these very talented musicians. Nice to see them perform with such passion for music.


The complex performs often with dancers and our sculptor Stanislas, a member of the complex Ylang Ylang, will enchant you with crocodile dance, a typical local folk dance.