The village of Ambondrona and Nosy Be

Villa Mangigny is in Ambondrona, a small village of the island of Nosy Be, in the province of Antsiranana in northern Madagascar. Nosy Be in Madagascar means "big island" and is a major tourist destination of Madagascar.


The island is of volcanic origin and is located about 8 km from the larger island of Madagascar in the Mozambique channel. The capital of Nosy Be is Hell-Ville, which is about 15 minutes drive from 'Fascene airport. The Nosy Be indoor area it looks vaguely like a Caribbean backdrop with sugarcane plantations, with rum distilleries and large expanses of Ylang Ylang.


Just landing at Fascene and exit from the aircraft door, try to pause and look at the bright blue sky and feel in the air the scent of the flower of Ylang Ylang, which welcomes you to Nosy be. The island is also known by the name of "Nosy Manitra" or Antsirambazaha: the island of perfumes. 


A Nosy be live around 60,000 people and the island is about 300 square kilometers. The economic activity of the island are the agriculture, the cultivation of coffee, vanilla, sugar cane, cocoa and cinnamon, fishing and tourism. Nosy Be is surrounded by an archipelago of islands: Nosy Komba, Nosy Sakatia, Skate, Nosy Mitsio, Nosy Raty, Nosy Fanihy, Faly Nosy, Nosy Mamoko and Nosy Iranja. On the island there are 11 volcanic lakes, ideal habitat for crocodiles.


The climate has an average of 27 °, ideal for tourism. The island is a real paradise in the middle of the sea.

In Ambondrona live 750 people and the resort is a 10 minute drive to Hell Ville and five minutes by taxy from Djamandjary, rises above the sea and is divided into Ambondrona north, where there are very nice hotels, and Ambondrona south, where lives Malagasy people. The village is characterized by many in huts made of local material "falafafa" and, walking through the streets, it is easy to meet women who are working, fishermen returning from fishing, tourists going to the local gorgotte to buy cigarettes or a few drinks . From Villa Mangigny you get to walk to the beach and the sea to enjoy the sunny days and relax under the palm trees.