Villa Mangigny has a base to eight overturned and we chose the symbol of infinity and equality which is the basis of our spirit of hospitality, as it appears in our logo.

The house is made of two independent bungalows and a central terrace with panoramic views of the Indian Ocean and on Grand Terre.


In each bungalow there are:


- 2 bedrooms, for a total of 4 beds. There is the possibility of adding 2 extra beds, on request, for a total of 6 places for bungalows

- 1 bathroom with shower, sink, toilet and running water

- 1 interior living room


The terrace is mainly used as a dining room, a room for meetings and courses. There is a kitchen equipped, water, electricity and television. In the house there is a simple and essential furniture Malagasy style and all the comforts of a European house.